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Commitment and HR Management

Most people who start out setting goals for themselves or for the team they are leading start out on an ecstatic note. However, in most cases, this soon takes a turn towards a downward spiral fall when they realize setting goals and the work involved to reaching the said goals are two very different and often very difficult things to do. Therefore the element of commitment is a very important ingredient to not only have in the mix but to also exercise constantly.

Stick To It

After the initial short burst of energy and enthusiasm, the commitment element is what is going to see the leader and the other team members to success. The following are some recommendations in the direction to stay focus and committed:

Though it may a little unusual to some, creating a mantra for the team whereby the focus is clearly on the end goal is a good starting point.

This mantra will help everyone involved keep the goal foremost in their mind both visually and mentally. The emotional connection with the goal is a very powerful tool to tap into to ensure the vision is kept alive and vital.

Another way of initiating commitment is by creating a ritual or routine that is designed with the end goal in mind. This routine will enable those involved to be constantly aware of the goal and enhance the working mechanisms towards it.

The routine should ideally be designed to fit around or include every aspect of the individual’s life to help limit or even eradicate any of the stress levels that might become evident because of the commitment.

Making plans that are connected to the time after the goal is reached is also a successful way to ensure there is enough commitment from all parties to see the goal successfully reached.

Most people fail to plan this part thoroughly and so there is no real sense of urgency that will subconsciously help to keep the commitment alive and relevant.

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