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10 Jobs in the Medical Field You Can Do From Home

According to the Office of National Statistics, over 4.2 million people in the UK work from home. No doubt, with the advancement of technology this new kind of job has become so popular and getting popular day by day. After the pandemic, the number of remote jobs has increased at a significant level. However, people used to think that remote jobs are only for tech professionals, so if you are a healthcare professional you have no option to do your work from home. Fortunately, this is a misconception about remote jobs. There are bunches of medical field jobs which you can do from home. Yes, you heard it right. There are bunches of medical jobs that can be run remotely.  In this article, we have discussed 10 medical field jobs that you can do from home. 

10 Jobs in the Medical Field That You Can Do From Home 

Let’s dive into the deep and explore the 10 medical field related jobs that you can do from home. 

1. Nurse

We often think that the job of a nurse is a fully on-site job. Though most of the cases it is true, still there are many nursing jobs that you can do completely from your home. The nature of such jobs are mostly telecommunication with the doctors or the patient or just transcribing the doctor and patient’s conversation. Undoubtedly telehealth is becoming the fastest growing industry and if you prepare yourself properly you can land so many jobs in these fields that you can do from your home. The nursing jobs that can be done from your home include 

  • Legal Nurse Consultant 
  • Healthcare recruiter 
  • Telephone triage nurse 
  • Nurse manager 
  • Nursing informatics specialist 
  • Case management 

If you are a registration for your nursing profession you can easily get into these positions since most of them prefer registered nurses. Don’t worry if you do not have any registration, because some of the companies hire Licensed Practical Nurses. 

How Much You Can Earn as a Nurse

You can earn on average £25,578 per year working as a nurse. However, with the time when you become more experienced, you can earn a higher amount. 

2. Medical Transcriptionist 

If you are fast in typing and have familiarity with the medical terms then this can be the job for you that you can do from home. In this job, you have to transcribe the doctor’s report into written reports or documents. You have to edit or transcribe medical documents, discharge summaries and may have to interpret medical terms and abbreviation. The demand for the transcriber is so high, and you can do this job just from your home. However, to get this job, a little bit of certification and medical background experience with a knowledge of medical terminology is required. If you have all these, apply for the job, you have a higher chance to get started with this job that you can do from your home.

How Much You Can Make as a Medical Transcriptionist

As a medical transcriptionist, you can earn £18,386 to £29,418 per year. This annual income gets higher when you become an expert and experienced. 

3. Medical Coder and Biller 

Medical coding is about translating a doctor’s prescription, diagnosis and medication into an accurate medical code for further billing. As a medical coder, you have to be very knowledgeable on medical codes, different terminology to convert them into numeric and alphabetic code. Every disease diagnosis has separate code and as a coder, your job is to translate those into accurate code. After the coding, the next job is to work for the billing. This is why the job is called coding and billing. However, in the medical field, you can do this job from your home. You need on-site experience before you start working remotely. However, training with an accredited certification is a must to get such a job.

How Much You Can Earn as a Medical Coder

As a fresher, you can earn £17,856 per year and when you get experienced you can earn more than £53,747 per year.

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4. Medical Call Centre Executive 

The medical call centre provides Telemedicine and healthcare services using the telephone. As you can guess, this job also requires medical background and certification. With proper training and certification, you can work in the medical call centre. Your position may differ depending on your skills and experience. In the time of the pandemic, the importance of this kind of job has increased a lot. If you have experience in mental support centres or have a certificate on medical secretary you can also get into this job.

How Much You Can Earn

You can earn  £17,785 yearly with no experience. However, with 5-9 years of experience, you can earn more than  £19,293 per year. If you are a physician then your payment will be higher.

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5. Remote Physician

This job is basically for the physician. If you are a certified physician and want to work remotely then this job is just for you to work from you. As a physician, you will work as a part-timer or a telehealth consultant. Besides, you can review medical content, provide online service, advice etc through telecommunication or using an online platform.

How Much You Can Earn as a Remote Physician

You can earn £60,000 to more than £100,000. It depends on your experience, your reputation and your service quality. However, as you can guess, the more experienced you are the more payment you will get yearly. 

6. Medical Writer 

Medical writing required specialised knowledge as well as good writing skill. So, if you want to grab this job opportunity you need to have good writing skills at the same time a good understanding of medical terminology, diagnosis and diseases. Physicians, nurse often choose these kinds of jobs as a part-time or switch their career from the physicians or nurse to the writer or the editor. Mostly the physicians work in the editorial board to correct errors if any writers have along with advice and correction. It is not important to be from the medical background but you need to have the passion and specialised knowledge. Even you can have this job coming from the arts background. However, your knowledge of the medical field is very important along with your good writing skills. You can do this writing job from your home.

How Much You Can Earn

You can earn on average  £42,977 per year. This amount will get higher when you become a more popular and experienced medical writer.

7. Pharmacists

In general pharmacist, jobs are based on-site. But sometimes, many pharmaceutical companies allow their employees to work from home to review and enter online prescriptions. This only happens after working a couple of years on-site as a pharmacist. However, pharmacists can leverage their knowledge and use them in other jobs like medical writing, transcription etc. However, working as a writer you need not have a specific degree, but if you want to work as a remote pharmacist, then a certificate is a must.

How Much You Can Earn as a Pharmacist

You can earn up to £45,352 per year or £23.26 per hour as a clinical pharmacist. As a beginner, you can make £34,628 per year and as you become experienced your salary can be up to £68,135 per year.

8. Insurance Agent 

Insurance companies hire physicians, nurses, pharmacists to ease their work. Physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals help insurance companies in paperwork, review their offers, give them valuable advice when needed and work as insurance agents. These kinds of jobs can be done from home. So, if you are in the healthcare profession and want to earn something extra through your knowledge then this job can be best fit for you. This kind of job mostly depends on telecommunication and offers a very friendly working environment.

How Much You Can Make as an Insurance Agent

You can earn on average £25,539 per year. This amount will get higher when you become more experienced.

9. Psychiatrist

Psychiatrist providing counselling and advice. Psychiatrists meet their clients using a video call, or teleconferencing. Using such platforms they evaluate patient health and recommend treatment for them. 

How Much You Can Earn as a Psychiatrist

You can earn on average £37,923 to £70,718 per year. This amount will get higher when you become experienced.

10. Nutritionist

Dietician and nutritionist provide online support, telehealth service and email support for the patient. They use video conferencing or phone following all the compliance of the healthcare industry. To get this job, you need a licence and proficiency in nutrition and diet. Besides, you need to be expert and proficient in using online tools.

How Much You Can Earn as a Nutritionist

With no experience, you can earn £15,000 to £25,000 for the public sector and £20,000 to £25,000 for private sector roles. You can earn between £30,000 and £55,000 per year. 


You can get so many advantages of working from home. These are lists of jobs where you can apply and work in the medical field from your home. Choose one of these professions and start working from your home. 

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