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About LIBM

London Institute of Business and Management

London Institute of Business and Management is a sister concern of Edujanets Ltd in the UK. Edujanets develops business and software programmes. 

Learning methods have now taken a game-changing step thanks to e-Learning. It is now easier to acquire knowledge at any place and at any time. Unlike traditional methods of learning, eLearning has made studying easier and more efficient.

It caters to everyone’s needs for personalised content. Thanks to eLearning, students can choose according to their interests, and digest knowledge in a way that suits their schedule and lifestyle. Moreover, it is time-saving saving, affordable, convenient, and most importantly, flexible


Considering the benefits of e-Learning, London Institute of Business and Management aims to provide easy access to education for people of all academic backgrounds


LIBM focuses on business and management, as we realise people need to cope with the changes of increasing globalisation.

Education is an important tool for everyone. Unlike traditional beliefs, education does not need a physical platform anymore.  At LIBM, we aim to spread knowledge to help people utilise their skills and use them for their future goals. Our vision? We believe access to high-quality online training will change the world and education as we know it for the better. We make training accessible to anyone with an internet connection and desire to learn.



Why is LIBM the Best Platform for Learners? 

LIBM provides a wide array of courses that cater to your personal choices and interests. Our courses are reasonably priced and on successful completion, you will get an internationally-recognised certificate of achievement. We focus on quality education – the best for our learners. Our courses not only provide valuable knowledge, but skill development too. Our courses will help you to recognise your skills and apply them at every stage of your life. It is not only about professional development; we also help you to enhance your personal skills too.

Our learners can access courses at any time, from any corner of the world, with just a click of a button; and there is no limit to how many courses you can take.

Ready to take your career to the next level? Browse our extensive library of soft and hard skill courses now, and kickstart your learning journey with LIBM.

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