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15 Dog Walking Tips Everyone Should Know

It was a nice evening in the summer. Mike took his dog for a walk. This was his first walk with his new pooch. He didn’t have proper knowledge about dog walking. 

His dog was on-off leashes. He believed his dog would not do any harm to others. But, suddenly his dog started to bark when he saw another dog coming.

Gradually it became furious, attracting the other dog who was just crossing his way out. His dog attracted the dog owner too when the owner tried to save his dog. Eventually, the police reached the spot and fined Mike for not using leashes. 

Dog walking is a very good pastime. It is a very good exercise for both the dog and the dog owner. According to the research from the  Michigan State University dogs owners who take their dog for a walk are likely to be 34% fit than the people who don’t have a dog. In fact, a daily walk is mandatory for the overall wellbeing of your dog. But, if you are like Mike, just bought your pooch, you must need these pro tips on dog walking before taking your pet for a walk. Here is how Mike could have prevented this situation

Dog Walking Tips You Need to Know 

Here are the 15 pro tips on dog walking that you need to know before taking your dog for a walk. Go through these tips and avoid unwanted situations like Mike. 

1.Treat Your Dog

Dogs love food. If you want your dog to listen to you, follow your command, treat them with food. Treat your dog from the beginning of your walk. Always keep the treat in the same pocket or the same side when you take them for a walk. So, when your puppy sees your hand going to that side or to that pocket they are more likely to respond to your command fast.  

Treat with food that your pooch likes. Try different treats and follow the response of your dog. Eventually, you will get an idea of your dog’s favourite treat. It is always worth taking the high-value treat for your dog. High value treats help you to teach your dog to learn the best behavior while going for the walk. As they learn they get favorite treats when they behave in a certain way. But do not give high value treats every time, this will demolish their appetite for the treat. A pet setting and dog walking online course can help you in this. Since it is online you can learn it from anywhere.

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2.Follow a Routine

Dogs stay calm when they know where they are going and when they are going. So, follow a walking routine. Stick to that routine. This will help them to learn the best behaviour while on the walk with you. They will learn your expectation and their expected behaviour eventually. As a result, when you take them to the new place for a walk they will behave in the same way they used to before. 

3.Use Front Clip Harness

Your dog needs to feel comfortable while walking. Using the wrong leashes can ruin it all. How your dog behaves mostly depends on how you tie them with the leashes. Most dogs fight against the leashes when they are tugged back. They naturally pull more when they are tugged back and behave poorly. This is why you must use the front clip harness. This won’t pull your dog from the back, so they won’t fight against the harness clip. They will be more comfortable and more likely to follow your direction. 

4.Always Bring Plenty of Water

Dogs get overheated easily. It is hard for them to regulate their temperature. So, when they sweat, they get dehydrated in the warm weather. Expert advice to offer water hourly, to avoid dehydration. Water makes it easy for dogs to stay cool and healthy. So, if you are planning for a half an hour walk or more, do not forget to take water with you. The preference should be given to the water bottle that can be easily carried out. The main idea is to stay healthy and hydrated every time. 

5.Avoid Retractable Lash

Avoid retractable leashes. This can cause unexpected hazards for you. With such leashes, you can hardly control your dog. The leashes’ length is so long that it makes your dog run into the street very easily.These kinds of leashes can cause severe injuries both for you and your dog. The leashes can cause burns and when your dog reaches the end of the leashes the sudden jerk can you fall over the street or on the roadside. 

These result in serious injuries for your beloved pet. However, retractable leashes are a good choice if you are planning for a walk at the beach area. But in the city areas or the huge traffic, these leashes could be seriously worse. So, if you are planning for a small walk at the roadside, avoid retractable leashes. However, a course on pet sitting and dog walking could give you more in depth knowledge on this.

6.Make Sure Your Dog Is Wearing a Dog ID

No one wants to lose their beloved pet. But while taking your pooch for the walk, it is too tough to control everything. You never know what is going to happen. So, taking safety precautions is the best idea. This is why you tag a dog ID on your dog. This ID will help you to get back your pet again if lost. 

Make sure your dog is wearing that ID. Write your dog name, your name, and phone number in that ID. This will help other people to keep in touch with you promptly if someone got your dog. You can use a microchip and update all the information there. So, someone will scan the ID they can get your information and connect with you. 

7.Walk with Other Dogs

Almost every dog loves to play with the other dogs. So, when you take your pooch for a walk and let them play, they feel great. It makes them happy and well-mannered. You will notice after such a walk they become more calm and well-behaved when they reach home. This is because your dog had a good time with its new friend. 

So, it is a very good idea to walk with the other dogs. If your friends don’t have dogs for walking, join a dog walking club. However, some dogs are not social at all. If your dog is one of them, you may find him not to socialize with the other dogs. Though this is a rare case, even if you face so, just avoid walking with other dogs. 

8.Take Some Toy With You

Toys help dogs to recall you. Toys are easy to grab dogs’ attention, the best way to train them to recall you back when off leashes. However, when your dog finds you the most fascinating one, they love to come back over and over.The toy can differ based on your choice. Many people like to play fetch games with their dogs. While playing such games make sure you are not hurting others. However, the toy for your dog mostly depends on your dog. You should use a toy that makes him excited and happy. 

9.Consider Your Pet Power

Consider the power of your pet. The walking power differs from dog to dog. For example, a puppy can not walk more than twenty minutes. This is true for all the breeds of the puppy. So, if you have a puppy, consider walking less. If you have a dog, consider walking more. But always focus on the ability and the power of your pet. So that it doesn’t put so much pressure on their health, and you can have a happy walk with your beloved pooch. To understand more of this pet power, you need a deep knowledge on pet sitting and dog walking. An online course can help you in this. Enrol it now !!

10.Let Your Dog Sniff Around

Dogs love to sniff around. It is their instinct. They are curious by nature. So let them sniff around during your dog walking. For us, dog walking may be a pastime or a form of exercise. But for the dog, it is the best opportunity for them to get some fresh air. So, let them sniff the bush while you are taking a little break on the park bench. Tell him to sniff the few bushes and enjoy the walk most. 

11.Be Mindful of Hot Pavement

This mostly happens in the summer. The pavement got too hot for the pet that they can’t walk freely. Since we wear shoes, we often can not feel the heat of the road. So, when you see your dog is denying the next step, try not to force him. It is because the pavement is hot, that your dog can not take the next step. Wait until the weather gets mild. 

However, to avoid such problems, it is recommended to take your dog for a walk in the evening or the morning. These are the times when the weather usually stays cool and comfortable for walking both for you and your dog. 

12.Ask Before Approaching Other Dogs

Not every dog is friendly like yours. Some dogs are aggressive, some are reactive. So while dog walking, ask before you approach before your dog approaches the other dog. It will help you to avoid unwanted risk and accidents. So, no matter what, always ask before you approach the other dogs. 

13.Wear Reflective Gears

Reflective gears will save you and your dog from the unwanted accident from the road. If you plan for an evening dog walk, you must wear reflective gear. Make sure your dog is also wearing clothes that light up in the headlights. It will help you to get back your dog quickly in the dark if you lose control of your beloved pet. Sometimes, dogs lose their lead in the night so using reflective gears helps them to see you in the dark and get back to you soon. So, never, forget to use reflective gears, because it will save you and your dog in the night walk. 

14.Change Your Walking Routes

Dogs get bored too. Changing your walking routes helps them to stay mentally fit and energetic. You will see the changing behavior in your dog after a walk from a new route. So, change the route and take him to the new route for a walk. You will find him happier, engaged when the walk ends. He will get more tired and take relaxation for a day after the walk. Moreover, it will keep him mentally stable and calm and well behaved. 

15.Follow Other Dog Walker

It is a very good idea to follow other dog walkers, notice their activity with the dog. If you find them relaxing and off the leash, it means the dogs are friendly. So, it is a good idea to let your dog off the leash. Your dog will play with the other friendly dog and enjoy the time. 

However, if you find other dog walkers calling back their dogs, not losing their leash, do the same. It means the dogs are not friendly. They can be aggressive with other dogs. So, keeping your dog on the leash saves you from the unwanted accident and injuries caused by the unfriendly dogs. 

Remember, not all dogs are friendly and not all dogs are unsocial. It varies. So, always follow the other dog walkers. 

This is how Mike can prevent the situation. So, after going through these pro tips you can surely take your dog for a safe walk. But this is not the end. You need more in-depth knowledge of pet sitting and dog walking. An online course can easily help you to get an in-depth idea.  So wouldn’t it better to learn it online? So, if you wish to dive in the pet sitting and dog walking course to avoid situations like Mike

January 5, 2024

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