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Get Your Student ID Card

Friday Sale
Student ID Card:
London Institute of Business and Management have started to provide ID card for their students. We don't want our students to miss out the benefits of having student id card and miss all the facilities. So, get your ID card now only at £7.99 £10.99
Benefits Of Student ID Card:
90eaab37-ee2c-4423-b427-228f79da7866.png Use as your official student ID
90eaab37-ee2c-4423-b427-228f79da7866.png Get special discounts on your next purchases at LIBM.
90eaab37-ee2c-4423-b427-228f79da7866.png You can get thousands of UK discounts at any marketplace including cinema, gym, local restaurants and many more.
* This offer is for limited time only. So, hurry up!