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The Ultimate Guide to Housekeeping

Nobody likes a messy house. There are so many things to clean up the mess. You have two options, ignore it or clean it. Though you can easily choose the first, ignore the mess and start watching tv on your favourite couch. But this will never clean up the mess. Going for the second option is the best one. Today or tomorrow, you have to clean up the mess, to stay healthy, fit and keep our beloved home beautiful. 

Doing household chores daily, dividing it with the members, planning housekeeping work for the month or the week are some of the good ideas. There are more to go. In this article, we have presented a complete guideline for housekeeping.

Basic rules of housekeeping

You need to follow some basics of housekeeping, and this will make your home look perfect. Perfect housekeeping is based on four basics. They are:

Basic Rules of Housekeeping

1. Cleaning

Cleaning is the first word that comes to mind when we think about housekeeping. In fact, this is the most vital part of any housekeeping. However, in housekeeping, cleaning is just a board word. Cleaning includes dusting, mopping, making the places clutter-free, whipping and so on. All these do perfect cleaning. 

You can perform three types of cleaning; regular cleaning, weekly cleaning and the monthly cleaning. Schedule your cleaning work, list them to make it more organised and perfect. Make a list of cleaning supplies too, and check if they are available. Without proper cleaning supplies, perfect cleaning cannot be done.

2. Organising

This is the second most important basics of housekeeping. Before starting your housekeeping, it is important to know where you are keeping your things. Making everything organised makes things easy and efficient. To organise your home perfectly determines where you will store your stuff, make it clear and easy. Without a proper organisation, cleaning becomes worthless.

3. Decoration

No matter how good you clean your house if it is not well decorated, it won’t be significant. A good decoration will make your house livable and comfortable. However, without proper cleaning and organising decoration become worthless. So, in housekeeping, all these basics are essential. One attribute makes another one perfect. So, do not skip any of these basics while thinking of housekeeping.

Ultimate guide to housekeeping

Now you know the basics of housekeeping. It is time to dive into the detailed guide. What you will perform depends on the schedule of the housekeeping. For daily, you need to follow some guidelines for the weekly housekeeping you need to follow other guidelines too. So, let’s look at the ultimate guide to housekeeping.

Regular Housekeeping

Some tasks deserve daily touch, and some don’t. If you skip the daily task, your house will become messy and disorganised. So, in the weekly task, you have to deal with a lot. So, you can’t tackle them easily. So, let’s look at the task for housekeeping:

Daily chores for kitchen

Daily Chores for Kitchen

Wash the dirty dishes daily. Do not leave them for tomorrow. It will increase your burden. Your kitchen will look messy too. So, wash them right away. It is better to divide this task among the family members. Tell them to wash their dishes just after their meal, breakfast or whenever they use it. Your aim should be keeping your sink dish free. Besides, do not forget to clean your sink daily. Do it just after the dish wash. Only then your sink will look excellent and perfect.

We make food in the kitchen. So it should be hygienic and healthy. This is why you need to mop your kitchen every day. Besides, your kitchen can get too dirty if you don’t clean it every day. So, mop your kitchen floor. So, it cleans every day and makes it crumbs free

Garbage spread dirty smells everywhere. Empty it regularly, this way you can keep your kitchen smell fresh, clean and away from the unwanted pests.

Daily chores for the bedroom

Daily Chores for the Bedroom

Make your bed daily. Clean your mattress daily, fluff the pillow, set your bed sets like a blanket, quilt etc. in perfect order. Select bed linen that is easy to use and easy to organise.

Arrange your dirty clothes and clean clothes. Keep a basket for dirty clothes. Every day, select your dirty clothes and keep them in the basket. Keep your clean clothes in the right place. If you think they need laundry, keep them in the laundry basket or else keep them in your clean clothes hamper.

Laundry daily, this will decrease your laundry pressure. It is always easier to deal with one or two laundries every day than the seven to 10 laundry weekly.

Look at your bedroom. You may find things that are not supposed to be there. For example, a mug that you bring for having a cup of tea, a plate or book from the bookshelf etc. Organise everything. Keep them in the right place. Keep books in the bookshelf, keep cups and plates in the kitchen and everything in the right order. Teach your kids to keep things in the right order, show them how to organise their stuff daily.

Daily chores for living room

Daily Chores for Living Room

Like your bedroom, organise your living room too. Keep the books, paper, plates, cup at their right place. Make the right use of the paper too. Recycle them, file them or do anything that is required.

Clean your living room every day. Mop it, or vacuum it. This will keep your living room looking perfect. Clean your living room properly and make it look great.

Daily chores for bathroom

Dry your washroom after the bath. Wipe the floor, walls with the towel. This will save you from the scum and water spots. To dry your washroom more quickly close the shower curtain.

Use a disinfect towel and wipe the counter, sink and faucets. This will help remove spatters and spills.

A wet towel can create mildew. To prevent this, hang up your damp towel so that they can dry quickly.

Weekly Housekeeping Chores

If you follow your daily task, your weekly task won’t be that stressful. Those will be some of the easy tasks that you can finish easily. Even you can spread your weekly chores during the week so that you can get a day for relaxation. However, here is a list of weekly chores.

Weekly chores for kitchen

Now it is time to stay healthy. Disinfect each of your kitchen areas such as door, handles, sinks etc. All these tasks will kill the bacteria and keep you and your family safe.

We often keep spoiled food in the refrigerator. This can spread bacteria to the other food kept in the refrigerator. Find out the spoiled food and send them to the garbage bag. Take time to check the other foods too. Wipe your refrigerator with a disinfecting towel to keep it safe from bacteria.

Give a deep cleaning of the kitchen floor. Mop it, disinfect the floor, and make it look perfect.

Weekly chores for bedrooms

Every week change your bedsheets. Use a new one. Send the used one for the laundry. This will make your bedroom look fresh and clean

Clean the surface properly. You may find so much dust in the room. Clean them up. Use a vacuum to clean the dust. Like the kitchen, give a deep cleaning to the bedroom too. Mop the floor with a towel or vacuum cleaner

Weekly Chores for bathrooms

Give a deep cleaning to your washroom. Clean hair from the drains, clean your mirror. Fix all the mould and soap scum and make it bacteria free to keep you and your family’s health safe.

Wash your towels, bath mat and shower curtains weekly. This will keep your washroom fresh and bacteria-free.

Housekeeping and Cleaning Course

Clean every surface and the floor. Mop the fan blades, bookcase, table etc. Give a deep cleaning so that your living room becomes perfect and dust-free.

Cleaning is not the only solution. Bacteria can be dangerous for the family. Disinfect each of your electric equipment like mobile, remote, tv, oven etc. Wipe them with the disinfecting liquid.

It is time to give a look to your living room. Find out if anything is disorganised or misplaced. If they are misplaced, return them to their right place.

Monthly housekeeping chores

If you follow the weekly and daily chores, you already master the housekeeping. Now there are few works left to make your housekeeping perfect. These are the monthly tasks. All these tasks make your housekeeping easier, make your home perfect and keep your stuff long-lasting. So here are the things you need to do on a monthly basis.

Monthly chores for kitchen

Clean your oven, dishwasher, coffee machine and other kitchen appliances monthly. Disinfect them to keep away from viruses and bacteria. Clean your refrigerator too. Make it germ-free by washing it up with disinfecting liquid to keep your family safe.

Every month clean your dustbin. Disinfect them so that you stay away from the bacteria and pesticides. Give a good scrub and make the bin fully clean.

Food can be stuck in the dishwasher. Give a monthly cleaning, and it will get better cleaning dishes if you clean the dishwasher monthly.

Monthly chores for bedroom

Organise your closet monthly, and this is how you can keep your clothes neat and clean. Choose garments that require dry cleaning. Keep them in the laundry hamper and send them for the wash.

Clean under the bed. Too much dust, insects accumulated under the bed. Clean them with a vacuum cleaner and get rid of the dust.

Monthly chores for bathrooms

If you are following the daily and weekly chores, your washroom will be in good shape. So there is very little to do on a monthly basis. Now it is time for defining fixes and fix them up and cleaning them. Check mould, mildew and fix them. Wash your washroom with disinfecting to keep it hygiene.

Monthly chores for living room

Give a deep cleaning to your furniture. Clean every corner of the furniture and make it look shiny.

Think about how much dust doormats convey. Clean it monthly. After cleaning disinfect it so that your living space stays germ-free.

Now it is time for deep cleaning to your living room. Check the corner, check the underneath of the furniture, check for the insects or pesticides. Clean them all. Move your furniture and clean behind the furniture. 

Now you have got the ultimate guide for the housekeeping. However, this guide is not enough to master the skill of housekeeping. If you want to know more about housekeeping, learn this skill and take it to the next level enrol housekeeping and cleaning course today!! You will get in-depth knowledge and expertise on housekeeping.

January 5, 2024

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