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Become An Entrepreneur And Be The Boss

Getting the right job is being tough nowadays. The market is flooded with job seekers but jobs are limited and you may not find the condign job when you want it. So wouldn’t it be nice to become an entrepreneur and start your own business? You can work on your own schedule and make money with what you are passionate about. You may have thought about it already. Maybe you have looked at the successful entrepreneurs around you and dreamt of seeing yourself in that position someday. So you are planning to make a start-up. 

10 Golden Rules To Build A Successful Business

Actually being an entrepreneur isn’t that tough but to place the word ‘successful’ before ‘entrepreneur’ needs much more effort than you think. All successful start-ups have a secret recipe which you need to know beforehand making yours. So here are the 10 golden rules to build a successful business for you which is suggested by the successful entrepreneurs in the world.


Rule 1: Determine your business

First thing before making a start-up is to determine what your business will be. Stick to your passion while determining your business. Because you need to love what you are doing. You need to be passionate about your business because passion is the thing that will drive towards success.

Rule 2: Set up your goals

To become an entrepreneur, you must have some specific goals. Without  concrete goals you can’t decide what things you need to accomplish. Know that your goals have to be SMART. Here SMART means specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. Your goals need to be well-defined and focused. “Obtain two new billion-dollar clients in the London stock market” is more meaningful and specific to mobilize your team than “Get more business”. 


You need to make your goals measurable. A goal without a measurable outcome is like a cricket match without a scoreboard. To put concrete numbers on your goal to see whether you are on the right track or not. It’s better to set up a goal of making 1 billion dollar profit than just to expand the business.

Don’t set up such a goal that you can’t achieve. It’s not wise to set up a goal to outrun GOOGLE with your search engine in a year. No big things happen overnight. It takes time. Make your goals relevant to the business climate and comply with this. And finally, without tying a time limit with your goal setting, the goals and objectives won’t get done. You need to have a specific time frame within which you have to accomplish all the things that are needed for being successful with your goal. 


Rule 3: Analyse the market 

You have to analyse the market to set up your strategies to accomplish your goals. Without knowing the market well you can not set the things in the right place at the right time. You have to be well known about the demands and trends of the market to run a successful business. If you come up with a product which has no demand, your efforts will go in vain. It’s not a wise decision to start a typewriter business nowadays because there is no demand for a typewriter. 


Rule 4: Answer the “W” and “H” questions for your business

Do you need to prepare the answer of what to do? For whom to do? When to do? And How to do? All these answers will refine your strategy and lead to your target. Setting up the targeted clients of your business is important to sketch a foolproof plan. Without knowing who your clients are, you can not determine what they want.


Rule 5: Size up competition

Before starting your business, find out who your competitors are. Study them well and find the gap in their strategies where you should improve. Then make a better plan to knock them down.


Rule 6: Be confident of taking the risks

Is your great idea good enough? Can it catch the market? Will it be profitable, and return on any investments it requires? There’s no way to answer this question until you make a try. Business is all about uncertainty and you need to have the confidence to take the risk to become an entrepreneur. You should change your perception of failure. In business, failure doesn’t mean the end. It means you have a place to improve. Take lessons from your failure if it happens and refine your strategies as needed.

Taking Risk

Rule 7: Be adaptable

Your business will not go in a straight line as you want. There will be ups and downs. Many uncertainties may arise in the way. You need to adapt to the changing situations of the business climate. Sometimes it’s wiser to change the strategy than sticking with it. 

Rule 8: Make a brand of your business

It is important to make a brand of your business which has a nice logo and well-defined motto. Branding is important because it increases the value of your business and makes it discernible to the clients. Branding makes you distinct from your competitors. It also helps to build trust in your clients. People tend to purchase something from a well-known business and without proper branding how can your business be well known? 


Rule 9: Value your client’s aspirations

Remember clients are the heart of your business. All of your efforts should revolve around the satisfaction of your clients. Philip Kotler said, “The best advertising is done by satisfied customers.” If you want to know whether your business is running well or not, you need not look further. Just see how your clients are doing. If they are satisfied with you, you are on the right track. To satisfy your clients you need to know and value their aspirations. You need to know what they want from you and try to go beyond their satisfaction level. This will retain your clients.

Rule 10: Celebrate and reward for success

You will go a long way to become a successful entrepreneur where you will have to deal with many challenges and win them all. More challenges are to come between where you are now and where you want to be in the future. To continue this successful run, you need to celebrate and reward yourself as well as your team for all accomplished targets. This will preserve the zeal for success and keep you and your employees motivated. 

celebrate successConcluding Remarks

That’s all. Now you know all the must-know things before starting your business. However, to have a more clear and precise idea about entrepreneurship, you can take a look on an online course that covers all the ins and outs of entrepreneurship and make you capable of being a successful entrepreneur. So why waste time? Get started now by clicking here.



January 5, 2024