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Learn to create professional productions for film, TV and web using the robust, customizable, nonlinear video editor program Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Adobe Premiere is a video editing software package suitable for both amateur enthusiasts and professionals. It can be used alone, or along with the other applications such as Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, etc. The Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 Diploma Level 3 course helps you to make visually stunning videos virtually anywhere with Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Throughout the course, you will explore the tools and techniques you need to know for creating stunning videos.  You will learn to add video and audio transitions, edit videos, Green screen editing, and more. The Adobe Premiere Pro CC Color workspace includes the Lumetri Color panel. The course teaches you how to use the panel for creating stunning videos and teaches you color correction and grading.  The techniques of adding titles in Premiere Pro CC 2018, 2017.2, 2017.1 and older version, motion in Premiere Pro, exporting your video, using Visual effects and other advanced premier pro techniques will be illustrated in the course.

Upon completion, you will be confident enough to create a stunning video by applying audio-visual effects and other techniques learned from the course.

The course is broken into various modules where each module focuses on a particular topic. The ultimate purpose of the course is to train you to use the software like a pro. No matter whether you are a beginner or professional, the course materials are graded based on the levels of difficulty. As a result, you will get a complete guide to use the software and make amazing and incredible videos.

Key features of the course:

  • Lifetime access to the course
  • No hidden fees, only pay the price of the course which includes exam fees.
  • Recognised qualification upon successful completion of the course
  • Study from anywhere, anytime, whenever it is convenient for you.
  • Affordable and engaging e-learning study materials
  • Study at your own pace from tablet, PC or smartphone
  • Online tutor support when you are in need.

Who is this course for?

There is no experience or previous qualifications required for enrolment on this course. It is available to all students, of all academic backgrounds.

Assessment and Certification

The course is assessed online with a multiple-choice test, which is marked automatically. You will know instantly whether you have passed or not. Those who pass this test will have the qualification of Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 Diploma Level 3. Certificate will be produced in PDF format at an additional cost of £8.99, Printed Hardcopy at £12.99 and both at £19.99.

Course Curriculum

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 Diploma Level 3
0 Adobe Premiere Pro CC Course Promo FREE 00:02:00
1.1 Premuere Pro Course Intro – UPDATED 1 00:02:00
1.2 Quick Win – Stabilize ShakyVideo 00:04:00
1.2 Starting a New Project and Premiere Pro Orientation – UPDATE 1 00:13:00
1.3 Importing and Organizing 00:07:00
1.4 Quick win n_ Stablize your Videos 00:03:00
1.5 OPTIONAL – Use Media Browser to import Clips  00:02:00
Editing Your Video
2.1 Starting a New Sequence and Understanding the Timeline – UPDATE 1 00:06:00
2.2 Adding Clips to the Timeline, Syncing Footage, and Making Selects  00:12:00
2.3 Exercise – Syncing Video and Audio – UPDATE 1 00:01:00
2.4 Exercise Review – Syncing Video and Audio – UPDATE 1 00:03:00
2.5 Editing Tools 00:16:00
2.6 Adding bRoll Footage to Your Video 00:11:00
2.7 Adjusting Clip Size and Position – UPDATE 1 00:04:00
2.8 REVIEW Adjusting Clip Size and Position – UPDATE 1 00:00:00
2.9 Bonus – Editing Down an Interview – UPDATE 1 00:35:00
PP 2.10 Editing a Narrative Scene 00:11:00
Adding Video and Audio Transitions
3.1 Course Check In 00:01:00
3.2 Adding Video Transitions – UPDATE 1 00:08:00
3.3 Review Video Transitions – UPDATE 1 00:02:00
3.4 Adding Audio Transitions – UPDATE 1 00:04:00
3.5 Exercise – Create a Custom Blur Transition 00:07:00
PP 3.6 Trouble with Transitions 00:07:00
Adding Titles in Premiere Pro CC 2017.2 and 2018
4.1 Adding and Editing Titles 00:08:00
4.2 Create a Clean Lower Third Title 00:06:00
4.3 Create Scrolling End Credits 00:04:00
4.4 Exercise – Design Your Own Lower Third Titles 00:01:00
4.5 Exercise Review – Design Your Own Lower Third Titles 00:11:00
Adding Titles in Premiere Pro CC 2017.1 and Older
5 Tips for Beginner Video Editors 00:08:00
5.1 Adjusting Audio Levels in Premiere Pro 00:10:00
5.2 Adjusting Audio Channels 00:05:00
5.3 Fixing Audio with the Low and High Pass Filters 00:04:00
5.4 Improving Audio with EQ (Equalization) 00:08:00
5.5 Adjusting Audio Tracks with Effects 00:02:00
5.7 Exercise Review – Remove Bad Background Noise 00:05:00
5.8 Adding Music to Your Project and Making a Song Shorter 00:11:00
5.9 Easily Removing Background Noise with Audacity 00:05:00
Editing Audio
PP 6.1 Color Correction with Lumetri Basics 00:09:00
PP 6.2 Exercise – Fix White Balance UPDATE 00:01:00
PP 6.3 Exercise Review – Fix White Balance UPDATE 00:03:00
PP 6.4 Creative Tab – Lumetri Color 00:06:00
PP 6.5 Curves Tab – Lumetri Color 00:04:00
PP 6.6 Color Wheels – Lumetri Color 00:02:00
PP 6.7 HSL Secondary – Lumetri Color 00:04:00
PP 6.8 Vignette – Lumetri Color 00:03:00
PP 6.9 Exercise – Matching Exposure 00:01:00
Color Correction and Grading
7.1 Adding Motion to Title Graphics 00:05:00
7.2 Add the Ken Burns Effect to Photos 00:02:00
7.3 Exercise – Add Motion to Video to Make it More Dynamic 00:01:00
7.4 Exercise Review – Add Motion to Video to Make it More Dynamic 00:06:00
7.5 OPTIONAL Adding Motion to Screenshots 00:08:00
Motion in Premiere Pro
8.1 Exporting a High-Quality, Small File-Size Video 00:09:00
PP 8.2 OPTIONAL – Export Settings – In Depth Review 00:12:00
8.3 Export a Full Resolution Video 00:01:00
8.4 Exporting Small File-Size Preview Video 00:02:00
8.5 Practice Exercise – Finish Course Project 00:01:00
Exporting Your Video
9.1 Adding and Adjusting Effects to Your Video Clips 00:07:00
9.2 Adjusting Effects with Keyframes 00:05:00
9.3 Using Lumetri Color Presets 00:04:00
9.4 Stabilize Shaky Footage with Warp Stabilizer 00:05:00
9.5 Exercise – Stabilize Shaky Video 00:01:00
9.6 Exercise Review – Stabilize Shaky Video 00:03:00
9.7 Make Footage More Cinematic with Overlays 00:07:00
9.8 Capture Still Images from Video 00:02:00
9.9 EXERCISE – Remove Noise and Grain from Video Clip UPDATED 00:07:00
Visual Effects and Advanced Premiere Pro Tips
10.1 Adjusting Clip Speed 00:05:00
10.2 Time Remapping and Speed Ramps 00:04:00
10.3 Slow Motion Video By Interpreting Frame Rates 00:02:00
10.4 Exercise – Speed Ramps 00:01:00
10.5 Exercise Review – Speed Ramps 00:01:00
Green Screen Editing - Chromakeying in Premiere Pro
11.1 Green Screen Tutorial (ChromaKeying) in Premiere Pro 00:08:00
11.2 Adding a Background to Green Screen Video 00:06:00
12.1 Conclusion 00:01:00
Certificate and Transcript
Order Your Certificates or Transcripts 00:00:00

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Kieran Graham
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Very professional courses. Great Administration assistance and high quality e-learning service.
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I did forex trading diploma. Very professional and detailed course.
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The course offered is excellent. I am glad to have taken it.