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 Master the essential skills that you need to know for working or running a company with the office administration course.

The course will help you to gain the mandatory skills for working in an office environment. Throughout the course, you will go through to the journey of learning the administrative and office skills. At first, the course illustrates the necessary administration skills including time management, communications skills and more. Then the course helps you to learn the formats of developing various types of business writing such as proposal writing, writing emails, writing agendas, business letters, etc.

The course explains the essential concepts regarding bookkeeping and payroll. You will also know to handle phone calls efficiently and know how to provide the best customer service for your clients.

Apart from these, the course trains you the mandatory skills and techniques for using Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook. Upon successful completion, you will gain enough knowledge to work efficiently.

Key features of the office administration diploma course:

  • Lifetime access to the course
  • No hidden fees, only pay the price of the course which includes exam fees.
  • Recognised qualification upon successful completion of the course
  • Study from anywhere, anytime, whenever it is convenient for you.
  • Affordable and engaging e-learning study materials
  • Study at your own pace from tablet, PC or smartphone
  • Online tutor support when you are in need.

Who is this course for?

There is no experience or previous qualifications required for enrolment on this course. It is available to all students, of all academic backgrounds.

Assessment and Certification

The course is assessed online with a multiple-choice test, which is marked automatically. You will know instantly whether you have passed or not. Those who pass this test will have the qualification of Office Administration Diploma course. Certificate will be produced in PDF format at an additional cost of £8.99, Printed Hardcopy at £12.99 and both at £19.99.

Course Curriculum

Update Version - Office Administration Diploma
Module 1: Introduction to Office Administration
Introduction to Office Administration 00:14:00
Module 2: Skills of an Effective Administrator
Skills of an Effective Administrator 00:15:00
Module 3: Business Writing Skills
Business Writing Skills 00:40:00
Module 4: Communication Skills
Communication Skills 00:25:00
Module 5: Managing Meetings and Giving Feedback
Managing Meetings and Giving Feedback 01:24:00
Module 6: Organisational Skills
Organisational Skills 01:16:00
Module 7: Telephone Etiquette
Telephone Etiquette 01:07:00
Module 8: Negotiation Techniques
Negotiation Techniques 00:16:00
Module 9: Conflict Management
Conflict Management 00:14:00
Module 10: Stress Management
Stress Management 00:16:00
Module 11: Time Management
Time Management 00:35:00
Recommended Materials
Workbook – Office Administration Diploma 00:00:00
Old version - Office Administration Diploma
Admin Support
Module One – Getting Started FREE 00:06:00
Module Two – Getting Organized (I) FREE 00:15:00
Module Three – Getting Organized (II) 00:13:00
Module Four – Managing Time 00:13:00
Module Five – Getting It All Done On Time 00:12:00
Module Six – Special Tasks 00:10:00
Module Seven – Verbal Communication Skills 00:10:00
Module Eight – Non-Verbal Communication Skills 00:08:00
Module Nine – Empowering Yourself 00:16:00
Module Ten – The Team of Two 00:13:00
Module Eleven – Taking Care of Yourself 00:14:00
Module Twelve – Wrapping Up 00:03:00
Business Writing
Module One – Getting Started 00:05:00
Module Two – Working with Words 00:10:00
Module Three – Constructing Sentences 00:06:00
Module Four – Creating Paragraphs 00:10:00
Module Five – Writing Meeting Agendas 00:13:00
Module Six – Writing E-mails 00:17:00
Module Seven – Writing Business Letters 00:19:00
Module Eight – Writing Proposals 00:19:00
Module Nine – Writing Reports 00:09:00
Module Ten – Other Types of Documents 00:18:00
Module Eleven – Proofreading and Finishing 00:10:00
Module Twelve – Wrapping Up 00:06:00
Bookkeeping & Payroll Management
Module One – Introduction 00:09:00
Module Two – Basic Terminology 00:13:00
Module Three – Basic Terminology (II) 00:16:00
Module Four – Accounting Methods 00:07:00
Module Five – Keeping Track of Your Business 00:09:00
Module Six – Understanding the Balance Sheet 00:19:00
Module Seven – Other Financial Statements 00:20:00
Module Eight – Payroll Accounting Terminology 00:17:00
Module Nine – End of Period Procedures 00:16:00
Module Ten – Financial Planning, Budgeting and Control 00:08:00
Module Eleven – Auditing 00:12:00
Module Twelve – Wrapping Up 00:01:00
Customer Service and Telephone Handling
Module One – Getting Started 00:06:00
Module Two – Aspects of Phone Etiquette 00:14:00
Module Three – Using Proper Phone Language 00:13:00
Module Four – Eliminate Phone Distractions 00:09:00
Module Five – Inbound Calls 00:07:00
Module Six – Outbound Calls 00:07:00
Module Seven – Handling Rude or Angry Callers 00:09:00
Module Eight – Handling Interoffice Calls 00:07:00
Module Nine – Handling Voicemail Messages 00:06:00
Module Ten – Methods of Training Employees 00:08:00
Module Eleven – Correcting Poor Telephone Etiquette 00:08:00
Module Twelve – Wrapping Up 00:03:00
Microsoft Word
Module One – Getting Started FREE 00:06:00
Module Two – Opening FREE 00:09:00
Module Three – Working with the Interface 00:11:00
Module Four – Your First Document 00:23:00
Module Five – Basic Editing Tasks 00:23:00
Module Six – Basic Formatting Tasks 00:21:00
Module Seven – Formatting Paragraphs 00:12:00
Module Eight – Advanced Formatting Tasks 00:14:00
Module Nine – Working with Styles 00:10:00
Module Ten – Formatting the Page 00:08:00
Module Eleven – Sharing Your Document 00:12:00
Module Twelve – Wrapping Up 00:16:00
Microsoft Excel
Module One – Getting Started 00:07:00
Module Two – Opening Excel 00:13:00
Module Three – Working with the Interface 00:17:00
Module Four – Your First Worksheet 00:16:00
Module Five – Viewing Excel Data 00:16:00
Module Six – Building Formulas 00:23:00
Module Seven – Using Excel Functions 00:15:00
Module Eight – Using Quick Analysis 00:14:00
Module Nine – Formatting Your Data 00:10:00
Module Ten – Using Styles, Themes, and Effects 00:28:00
Module Eleven – Printing and Sharing Your Workbook 00:14:00
Module Twelve – Wrapping Up 00:41:00
Microsoft PowerPoint
Module One – Getting Started 00:07:00
Module Two – Opening PowerPoint 00:12:00
Module Three – Working with the Interface 00:19:00
Module Four – Your First Presentation 00:18:00
Module Five – Working with Text 00:25:00
Module Six – Formatting Text and Paragraphs 00:24:00
Module Seven – Adding Pictures 00:14:00
Module Eight – Advanced Formatting Tasks 00:17:00
Module Nine – Working with Transitions and Animations 00:16:00
Module Ten – Setting Up Your Slide Show 00:13:00
Module Eleven – Showtime! 00:14:00
Module Twelve – Wrapping Up 00:12:00
Microsoft Access
Module One – Getting Started 00:08:00
Module Two – Opening and Closing Access 00:12:00
Module Three – An Introduction to Databases 00:11:00
Module Four – Sharing Data Using Apps 00:16:00
Module Five – Working in Your App 00:22:00
Module Six – An Introduction to Desktop Databases 00:20:00
Module Seven – Performing Basic Table Tasks 00:21:00
Module Eight – Working with Fields 00:12:00
Module Nine – Working with Table Relationships 00:24:00
Module Ten – An Introduction to Queries, Forms, and Reports 00:40:00
Module Eleven – Protecting Your Data 00:11:00
Module Twelve – Wrapping Up 00:07:00
Microsoft Outlook
Module One – Getting Started 00:18:00
Module Two – Opening and Closing Outlook 00:10:00
Module Three – Understanding the Interface 00:12:00
Module Four – Working with the Message List and the Reading Pane 00:15:00
Module Five – Using Message List Commands 00:08:00
Module Six – Creating a New Email 00:11:00
Module Seven – Managing Email 00:15:00
Module Eight – Searching for Items 00:11:00
Module Nine – An Introduction to the Calendar 00:26:00
Module Ten – An Introduction to Tasks 00:20:00
Module Eleven – An Introduction to Contact 00:22:00
Module Twelve – Wrapping Up 00:06:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam – Office Administration Diploma 00:30:00
Final Exam
Final Exam- Office Administration Diploma 00:30:00
Certificate and Transcript
Order Your Certificates or Transcripts 00:00:00


Kieran Graham
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Very professional courses. Great Administration assistance and high quality e-learning service.
Sarah Jennings
Read More
I did forex trading diploma. Very professional and detailed course.
Jordan Cooke
Read More
The course offered is excellent. I am glad to have taken it.