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Course Overview

Strategic quality management is imperative for an organisation to remain competitive. Through effective quality management, you get proper control over the major business processes and meet customer expectations. Learn about quality management systems and improve your business processes to meet customer and regulatory requirements by taking this Strategic Quality Management: Performance Evaluation course. 

In this Strategic Quality Management: Performance Evaluation course, you will discover the most successful steps to design and implement a quality management system for your business. The course will discuss the concept of quality, ISO, system management and competence. It will highlight the benefits of strategic quality management principles and teach you how to apply them to drive organisational performance. 

The Strategic Quality Management: Performance Evaluation course will also provide precious lectures on ISO 9001:2015 core concept, process approach, quality objectives and SWOT analysis. In addition, you will learn the steps to create a  performance evaluation to ensure the efficient running of your QMS.  Enrol now and grasp the skills to implement QMS to achieve tremendous results! 

What you will learn from this Strategic Quality Management: Performance Evaluation Course:

  • Have a solid grasp of strategic quality management
  • Strengthen your knowledge of performance evaluation
  • Learn about quality, ISO and system management
  • Grasp the fundamentals of vision, mission and strategy
  • Explore the quality management principles
  • Understand the core concepts of  ISO 9001:2015
  • Deepen your understanding of the process approach
  • Learn about SWOT analysis
  • Familiarise yourself with the tools used in QMS

Key features of the course:

  • Lifetime access to the course
  • No hidden fees; only pay the price of the course, which includes exam fees.
  • Recognised qualification upon successful completion of the course
  • Study from anywhere, anytime, whenever it is convenient for you.
  • Affordable and engaging e-learning study materials
  • Study at your own pace from tablet, PC or smartphone
  • Online tutor support when you are in need.

Who is this course for:

This Strategic Quality Management: Performance Evaluation Course is suitable for —

  • Students
  • Recent graduates
  • Job Seekers
  • Anyone interested in Strategic Quality Management: Performance Evaluation
  • Course
  • Individuals who are already employed in the relevant sectors and wish to enhance their knowledge and expertise.

Assessment and certification:

After studying the course materials of the Strategic Quality Management: Performance Evaluation Course, there will be a written assignment test which you can take either during or at the end of the course. Those who pass this test will have the qualification of Strategic Quality Management: Performance Evaluation Course. Certificate will be produced in PDF format at an additional cost of £8.99 and Printed Hardcopy at £12.99.

Career path:

This Strategic Quality Management: Performance Evaluation Course will equip you with an array of in-demand expertise and prepare you for a variety of rewarding employment options, such as—

  • Quality Coordinators
  • Quality Managers

The average salary for a Quality Manager is £45,475 per year in the United Kingdom. The salary ranges from £43,117 to £48,658.

Course Curriculum

Course Structure
Course Structure 00:07:00
Critical Definitions
What is Quality 00:02:00
What is ISO 00:08:00
What is a System – Management System 00:02:00
What is Policy – Quality Policy 00:06:00
What is Vision, Mission & Strategy 00:03:00
QA Vs QC 00:06:00
Effectiveness Vs Efficiency 00:06:00
Verification Vs Validation 00:11:00
Conformity Vs Nonconformity Vs Defect 00:04:00
Correction Vs Corrective Action Vs Preventive Action 00:08:00
Risk & Preventive Action 00:06:00
What is Competence 00:03:00
What is the Context of the Organization 00:05:00
Who are the Interested parties 00:03:00
What are the Needs & expectations 00:05:00
Management System Requirements 00:01:00
Who is a customer 00:02:00
What is Customer Satisfaction 00:06:00
Product Vs Service Vs Process 00:05:00
Document Vs Record 00:06:00
What is Customer Complaint 00:02:00
Measuring Vs Monitoring Vs Performance 00:02:00
Who is Responsible
Who is Responsible 00:12:00
Responsibility Vs Accountability 00:02:00
Quality Management Principles
Quality Management Principles 00:17:00
Major Changes
ISO 9001:2015 Core Concepts 00:08:00
Major terminology Differences 00:04:00
Documented Information 00:07:00
Major changes – Organizational Knowledge 00:05:00
Major changes – Risk Based Thinking 00:06:00
Process Approach
Process Approach Concept-1 00:04:00
The PDCA Model 00:18:00
Process Approach Concept-2 00:03:00
Process Approach in ISO 9001:2015 00:04:00
Key Benefits 00:07:00
PDCA in ISO 9001 2015 00:10:00
Context of the Organization
Understanding the Organization and its Context 00:08:00
Internal & External issues 00:03:00
SWOT Analysis 00:06:00
Interested Parties & their Needs & Expectations 00:03:00
KANO Model 00:10:00
Understanding the context – Summary 00:08:00
Choosing your Strategic Objective 00:05:00
Strategic Map Examples-1 00:03:00
Strategic Planning Process 00:06:00
What is a Vision 00:06:00
How to Create a Vision Statement 00:08:00
What is a Mission 00:06:00
SMART GOAL 00:06:00
SMART Goal Example 00:04:00
Strategic Map Examples-2 00:10:00
Context Chapter Summary 00:07:00
Quality Objectives
Quality Objectives & Planning 00:05:00
ISO & SMART 00:02:00
Objectives Origin 00:06:00
Objectives Examples 00:07:00
Goal Vs Objective-1 00:07:00
Goal Vs Objective Example 00:02:00
Goal Vs Objective-2 00:10:00
Performance Evaluation
Performance Evaluation in ISO 9001:2015 00:10:00
Customer Satisfaction 00:06:00
Analysis & Evaluation 00:12:00
Dashboard Examples 00:07:00
Management Review Meetings 00:11:00
Improvement 00:16:00
Nonconformity & Corrective Action Origin 00:06:00
Nonconformity & Corrective Action Example 00:06:00
Nonconformity & Corrective Action Origin 00:06:00
Continual Improvement 00:01:00
Analysis Mindset 00:09:00
Quantitative Vs Qualitative 00:16:00
Now What
Now What? 00:11:00
Course Summary 00:10:00
Helpful Tools
SIPOC 00:06:00
Flowcharts 00:04:00
Control Charts 00:04:00
Cause and Effect Diagram 00:06:00
Pareto Chart 00:07:00
5 WHYs 00:03:00
Other Tools 00:08:00
Finally! 00:01:00
See you soon
Bonus Lecture 00:02:00
Certificate and Transcript
Order Your Certificates or Transcripts 00:00:00

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Kieran Graham
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Very professional courses. Great Administration assistance and high quality e-learning service.
Sarah Jennings
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I did forex trading diploma. Very professional and detailed course.
Jordan Cooke
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The course offered is excellent. I am glad to have taken it.