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Course Overview

From assigning the tasks to managing conflict, a supervisor is required to fill up a wide range of roles. Therefore, to become a proficient supervisor, one must acquire the skills to carry out the responsibilities. The Supervision & Management Training course will show you the way. It will provide the essential skills and abilities to establish a successful career as a supervisor.

From this Supervision & Management Training course, you will learn the practical skills for supervision and management. The course will help you understand the importance and the process of setting goals. You will receive quality training on how to assign tasks to the right people. The course will also help you develop the ability to provide feedback. In addition, you will become skilled in time management and conflict resolution.

This Supervision & Management Training course is the perfect training ground for both current and future supervisors. Enrol in the course today and build your skills in this area.

What you will learn from this Supervision & Management Training course:

  • Understand the process of setting goals
  • Learn the techniques of assigning the right work to the right people
  • Enrich your understanding of delegation and learn how to implement delegation
  • Grasp the techniques to provide feedback 
  • Pick up the skills for time management 
  • Build your competence in conflict resolution 

Key features of the course:

  • Lifetime access to the course
  • No hidden fees; only pay the price of the course, which includes exam fees.
  • Recognised qualification upon successful completion of the course
  • Study from anywhere, anytime, whenever it is convenient for you.
  • Affordable and engaging e-learning study materials
  • Study at your own pace from tablet, PC, or smartphone
  • Online tutor support when you are in need.

Who is this course for:

This Supervision & Management Training course is suitable for —

  • Students
  • Recent graduates
  • Job seekers
  • Anyone interested in the Supervision & Management Training course 
  • Individuals who are already employed in the relevant sectors and wish to enhance their knowledge and expertise.

Assessment and Certification:

After studying the course materials of the Supervision & Management Training course, there will be a written assignment test which you can take either during or at the end of the course. Those who pass this test will have the qualification of the Supervision & Management Training course. The certificate will be produced in PDF format at an additional cost of £8.99 and Printed Hardcopy at £12.99.

Career Path:

This Supervision & Management Training course will equip you with an array of in-demand expertise and prepare you for a variety of rewarding employment options, such as—

  • Supervisor 
  • Manager 
  • Administrator 

In the United Kingdom, a supervisor can earn £20k per year at the beginning of their career; with experience, this number can rise up to £37k per year. The average salary for a supervisor is around £25k per year.

Course Curriculum

Getting Started 00:01:00
Setting Expectations
Setting Expectations 00:03:00
Setting Expectations Case Study 00:01:00
Setting Goals
Setting Goals 00:06:00
Setting Goals Case Study 00:01:00
Assigning Work
Assigning Work 00:04:00
Assigning Work Case Study 00:01:00
Degrees of Delegation
Degrees of Delegation 00:03:00
Degrees of Delegation Case Study 00:01:00
Implementing Delegation
Implementing Delegation 00:07:00
Implementing Delegation Case Study 00:01:00
Providing Feedback
Providing Feedback 00:05:00
Providing Feedback Case Study 00:32:00
Managing Your Time
Managing Your Time 00:05:00
Managing Your Time Case Study 00:01:00
Resolving Conflict
Resolving Conflict 00:04:00
Resolving Conflict Case Study 00:01:00
Tips for Special Situations
Tips for Special Situations 00:05:00
Tips for Special Situations Case Study 00:01:00
A Survival Guide for the New Supervisor
A Survival Guide For The New Supervisor Case Study 00:01:00
A Survival Guide For The New Supervisor Case Study 00:01:00
Wrapping Up
Wrapping Up 00:01:00
Certificate and Transcript
Order Your Certificates or Transcripts 00:00:00

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Kieran Graham
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Very professional courses. Great Administration assistance and high quality e-learning service.
Sarah Jennings
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I did forex trading diploma. Very professional and detailed course.
Jordan Cooke
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The course offered is excellent. I am glad to have taken it.